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Other activities in vicinity

Cycling & Hiking

Cycling (on the countless country roads between neighbouring villages and cities) up to 50 km
Fishing in the Vanganel lake (fishing permit on sale), 2 km
Wild animal hunting during the hunting season (Marezige hunting association)

Trips to Pomjan, the river Rokava, the Dragonja river valley, over the Šavrin hills to the Croatian border heading south or in the direction of Sv. Anton and other small villages like Truške, Montinjan, Boršt, … 10 km
Visiting wine cellars (wine roads) up to 15 km
Tennis courts (Vanganel tennis center), 2 km
Trips to medieval cities Koper and Piran, luxurious Portorož, the fishermans’ city of Izola, the city of Hrastovlje with the famous frescos of the Death dance in an Early Gothic small church… from 15 to 30 km

Local events

In the summer, in every surrounding village or city the traditional feasts (šagre) take place, where you can get to know the local customs and ways of Istrian people and to taste local delicacies. For instance, the wines malvazija and refošk, various dried meat products, including pršut, virgin olive oil from local olive plantations, sweets from dry figs, fried pastry (kroštole and fritole), polenta with cod fish, homemade bread, egg dish fritaja with wild asparagus and we could go on and on…

In May, Marezige are hosting the Refošk festival, where the best refošk wine is awarded, while in June the biggest Slovenian jazz festival is taking place, Marezijazz. and There’s an increasing demand for these events, which are seen by more and more people each year.